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Experienced, Successful Defense Attorney in D.C. and Virginia

Criminal Defense Attorney: DUI, felony, robbery, assault, expungement, domestic disturbance, traffic citation, weapon possession, burglary, drug possession.

Gregory W. Copeland is a highly successful affordable African American criminal defense attorney who provides services in the following jurisdictions: Alexandria, Arlington county, Fairfax county, Falls Church, Loudoun county, Virginia, and Washington D.C. He provides free consultations.

He provides a broad range of criminal defense services to his clients including:

Arraignments and bond hearings

Civil rights

Community court appearances

criminal defense concerning misdemeanor and felony charges

criminal record expungement and diversion programs

Deferred prosecution and sentencing

Juvenile court appearances and other juvenile legal issues

Allegations of police misconduct or police brutality

Status hearings


Traffic Court, and

Unreasonable search and seizure issues

Contact The Copeland Law Firm

Schedule A Free Consultation At The Copeland Law Firm.

Our law firm provides legal representation to clients from the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia area, including Fairfax and Loudoun counties, and all surrounding jurisdictions and specializes in criminal defense and related matters. To arrange a free initial consultation, contact:

The Copeland Law Firm

Office: 703-904-4332

Cell: 703-655-1766



Future blog articles will discuss criminal defense issues that are important topics in our Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.

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