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Criminal Record: Expungement is possible

Criminal Defense Attorney: DUI, felony, robbery, assault, expungement, domestic disturbance, traffic citation, weapon possession, burglary, drug possession.

Criminal Record Expungement Lawyer In Washington, D.C. and Virginia

Having a criminal record places a number of obstacles in a person’s life. If you anticipate future difficulties due to a past criminal conviction, you should contact Gregory Copeland at The Copeland Law Firm office about possible legal options (703) 904-4332. Depending on the details of your case, we may be able to seal your record with an expungement.

D.C. and Virginia Criminal Record Attorney — Sealing Your Record In Virginia

An expungement effectively wipes a person’s slate clean, allowing one to start on a new path. Many people seek expungements to enable them to apply for certain jobs or career paths that they would otherwise be unable to pursue.

In Virginia, there are specific circumstances in which a person may seek an expungement. Typically, these include cases where:

  • Someone was found innocent by the courts

  • Criminal case was dismissed

  • A pardon was granted

In Washington D.C., and in Virginia it is difficult to obtain an expungement, which makes your choice of attorney with experience extremely important. The Copeland Law Firm works on complex cases, using all available resources to best represent your interests. Given our extensive expungement experience, we approach cases to maximize the likelihood of obtaining a positive outcome.

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Our law firm provides legal representation to clients from the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia area, including Fairfax and Loudoun counties, and all surrounding jurisdictions and specializes in criminal defense and related matters. To arrange a free initial consultation, contact:

The Copeland Law Firm

Office: 703-904-4332

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