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Pro Hac Vice Assistance

Our firm can assist attorneys who are not licensed to practice law in Washington, D.C. who intend to represent a client facing criminal charges in the District, and require assistance in complying with the criminal rules of the D.C. Superior Court with Pro Hac Vice admission in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia. Our office can assist out-of-jurisdiction attorneys either as a sponsor for your pro hac vice application, or as local counsel assisting both you and your client through the life of the case, Attorney Copeland, with 25 years of criminal law experience, can support your navigation of the complex pro hac vice process.

Pro Hac Vice Admission in Washington, D.C. Courts

A link to the Application for Pro Hac Vice Admission to the D.C. Superior Court and D.C. Court of Appeals, is below. You should note that the District of Columbia requires that you are a member in good standing in your home jurisdiction; and that you are being sponsored by a member of the DC Bar, in addition to other requirements. 

Link to form:


Contact Gregory Copeland Esq

I will help you obtain and execute required pro hac vice forms; and submit written motions to the court, where your client's case is pending. I am a 25 year experienced veteran D.C. and Virginia criminal defense lawyer and can sponsor your application to be admitted pro hac vice and/or to serve as co-counsel in defense of the criminal matter. To request more information or assistance contact Attorney Gregory Copeland at:

(202) 919-8270


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