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Assault and Battery: Experienced Defense Attorney in Virginia and Washington D.C.

Criminal Defense Attorney: DUI, felony, robbery, assault, expungement, domestic disturbance, traffic citation, weapon possession, burglary, drug possession.

Assault Defense

The consequences of criminal charges such as assault or battery can be extremely harsh — especially if you have a prior record. You need to be represented by an experienced criminal defense lawyer who understands the importance of taking an aggressive approach to representing your interests. The Copeland Law Firm, has more than 20 years of experience advocating for individuals facing criminal charges.

Gregory Copeland has in-depth knowledge and experience in the District of Columbia and Virginia laws and provides every client with personal attention.

Assault, Battery And Malicious Wounding Charges

Assault, battery and malicious wounding charges are all significantly different in Virginia than in Washington D.C. Assault involves threatening another person, and battery involves the actual physical act of touching or hurting another individual. Malicious wounding is a very serious offense that involves injuring another individual with the intent to seriously hurt or kill him or her. This offense is punishable by prison time and is a felony offense.

It is important that your lawyer takes time to investigate the details of your case so an aggressive defense can be developed. Copeland Law has years of experience in successfully defending individuals facing a wide range of charges involving:

  • Assault and battery charges involving family members (including domestic violence)

  • Assault and battery charges involving law enforcement

  • Assault and battery charges involving firearms

Schedule A Free Consultation At The Copeland Law Firm.

Our law firm provides legal representation to clients from the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia area, including Fairfax and Loudoun counties, and all surrounding jurisdictions and specializes in criminal defense and related matters. To arrange a free initial consultation, contact:

The Copeland Law Firm

Office: 703-904-4332

Cell: 703-655-1766



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