What is Mental Health Community Court? (Washington D.C.)

There are three types diversion programs generally offered by the US Attorney's Office in Washington D.C. in criminal cases. Mediation, Deferred Prosecution, and Deferred Sentencing Agreement. The Mental Health Community Court is a part of the Deferred Prosecution regime

Eligibility: Defendants who have a verified mental illness, irrespective of drug testing history. A defendant may be eligible with no more than three pending misdemeanors. However, a defendant may not be charged with a domestic violence offense or a weapons/firearms-related offense. The Pretrial Services Agency (PSA) must screen and approve the defendant for supervision by the D.C. PSA Specialized Supervision Unit. If approved by PSA, the USAO will screen the case for admission.

Requirements: The defendant must enter into a Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA), a Delayed Sentencing Agreement (DSA) or an Amended Sentencing Agreement (ASA, for felonies only). Among other conditions, the defendant must participate in mental health treatment and, if necessary, drug testing and treatment, at the direction of PSA

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