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Domestic Violence: Attorney Assistance in Virginia and Washington D.C.

Criminal Defense Attorney: DUI, felony, robbery, assault, expungement, domestic disturbance, traffic citation, weapon possession, burglary, drug possession.

Domestic Violence Defense Law

Domestic violence allegations can be the result of a harmless, but heated argument between spouses or domestic partners. Regardless of the reasons, once the allegations have become a legal issue, your first step is to contact a lawyer. If you are facing domestic assault or battery allegations, you need aggressive legal representation from an experienced defense lawyer who knows the effects that a criminal charge could have on your future — The Copeland Law Firm does whatever is necessary to protect your rights.

At The Copeland Law Firm you have the benefit of knowing that a highly experienced attorney will represent your interests. I take pride in our ability to reach successful outcomes, particularly in criminal cases involving domestic violence matters.

Aggressive Representation And Straightforward Advice About Your Case

Unlike other criminal offenses, domestic violence cases can have a very serious impact on the individuals and family. For example, being charged with domestic battery can affect your ability to see your children and creates significant challenges involving custody and visitation.

In domestic violence cases, we develop an effective defense strategy by approaching the case comprehensively, taking all issues into consideration. The goal is to get the charges dropped and to mitigate the negative impact that a charge will have on your, and the family’s future. Copeland Law can provide representation for all types of legal matters involving domestic violence, including:

  • False spousal abuse allegations

  • Restraining order violations

  • Domestic assault and battery charges

Schedule A Free Consultation At The Copeland Law Firm.

Our law firm provides legal representation to clients from the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia area, including Fairfax and Loudoun counties, and all surrounding jurisdictions and specializes in criminal defense and related matters. To arrange a free initial consultation, contact:

The Copeland Law Firm

Office: 703-904-4332

Cell: 703-655-1766



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